Sunday, September 27, 2009

Changes - By God's Direction and Grace

My newsletters finally got sent out and most of my supporters will get them in the next two days. I think this newsletter was one of the hardest ones to write because of the feeling and emotions behind it - emotions of joy in what God is doing and emotions of change...

As the newsletter shares with my supporters, September 30th will be my last day serving with Gospel for Asia. With my leaders' blessings, I am transitioning over to LightSys - Greg's ministry - to serve alongside him in the call the Lord has given us.

Things that will change:
  • I'm leaving Dallas and moving to Kansas for the six weeks before the wedding.
  • I'll be serving alongside Greg in the ministry of LightSys. We're not yet sure where long term headquarters will be, but we'll probably be in the KS area for the short-term.
Things that won't change:
  • Greg and I will still be serving as support-based missionaries.
  • We are still called to reach the lost world with the gospel of Christ.
  • Similar to the computer support I was providing for GFA, we'll still be doing computer support for a variety of mission organizations. (Helping take care of their computer and training needs so they can do the mission work they need to do.)
We will continue to need your prayers and support! THANK YOU for praying for me so much over the years and thank you for your continued prayers.

Could you pray for me this week? It's a little bit of a busy and emotional week - wrapping up 7 years of office work, packing to move, trying to address and send out wedding invitations...

I would so appreciate it! Thank you!


Unknown said...

My prayers are with you Dorinda. So many changes going on in your life right now. I am very excited for you and the things ahead! :)

Chuck Tryon said...

Something that just struck me while reading your note was that, while you will still be doing "computer support," one of the things you will be leaving behind is the quiet security of a body of both people and technology that you are familiar and comfortable with, for a wild and woozy world of racing from one technology group to another. I know that Gregg (and Lightsys) have had a wide variety of assignments, from short one week stints to stays of several years at a time, but I think it's safe to say you're going to see a lot more change.

Of course, you'll have a great companion to go through those changes with (both on a human and a spiritual level), and you strike me as one who is up to the challenge, so I have a lot of confidence that you're going to do well. I am, nevertheless, praying for both of you! ;-)

Elicia said...

oh i'm going to miss you so much.

Unknown said...

Hope you have a good last day at GFA. God Bless