Monday, June 13, 2005

Freshly Cut Grass

Last week, TT sent an email to the office saying: Last night, we prayed as a family that the Lord would either provide us a lawnmower or give us peace about buying one. It was the first time we had prayed about it. This morning, when I came into work, there was one sitting in the warehouse with my name on it. God is good! Thank you to the person(s) who cooperated with Him in blessing us. What a joy to see His faithfulness, and especially to get to share with [our three year old son] how God answers prayer.

Oh! was I jealous! I immediately began to whine. "God, why did they get a mower and not me? You knew that we needed a mower. And now I'll have to buy one. Why didn't you give me a mower?" "Did you ask?" reminded the quiet voice inside. "Well, no." I blustered, bad attitude still firmly intact. "But you knew I needed one. Okay... God? I need a mower, okay? So can you give me one or give me peace to buy one?"

About 10 minutes later, I headed over to the Communications department to doing computer training for a new full time volunteer. I went over computer login and email and policies with David. We changed his phone password and set up his phone greeting. Then I showed him the GFA internal website where he could post a note or prayer request. "What gets posted here?" he asked.

"Oh, almost anything. If you have something to give away or if you're looking for something---anything from dressmaker dummies to dishes to camping cots," I replied.

"So, if I had a lawnmower and weedeater that I needed to get rid of, I could put that here?" he asked.

I cocked my head and looked at him. "Are you speaking hypothetically or for real?"

"For real," he replied. "Now that I've returned to work full time, we've hired a lawn company to do the work. I've got a nice John Deere lawn mower I don't need any more. It's already had its yearly maintenance and has a newly sharpened blade and the weedeater is really nice too...."

Guess what we just got done doing? Mowing the lawn with our brand new (to us) wonderful John Deere lawnmower.

The lawn looks beautiful.
And so does God's grace.


rubyslipperlady said...

Yea, God!

Megan Fletcher said...

I have never heard you tell this story. Thanks for blogging it so I could be encouraged by God's provision this morning!

We miss seeing your beautiful face!

Dennis said...

Sometimes (maybe a LOT more than we think) you've just got to speak it!