Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almost as if Jesus is enough

Aaron Ironside is a radio personality in New Zealand that recently visited some of GFA's ministry in Asia. He was blogging during this trip and I was struck this comment from him, posted mid-trip.

As I reflect on today I realize that I am beginning to feel sick. No it’s not my sore arm playing up (changed the dressing today- going to have a cool scar), nor was it the local curries finally catching up with me. No, I am getting sick……of me. Despite my delusions of humility, I am confronted by a seemingly endless line of believers who are much more advanced on the road to a self-less life than I. There is no talk of what Jesus can do for me, my dreams, my destiny, nothing. None of these people talk about what God can do for them. They talk about the poor and the lost, about prayer and being faithful. Don’t they realize that Jesus is waiting to unleash an unlimited life, of wealth, blessing and influence? Apparently they didn’t get the memo, it’s almost as if Jesus is enough.

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