Friday, December 19, 2008

Preparing to fly

Graduation was tonight for Jes and Cas and now they're busy packing their bags. Jes has an early morning flight out and Cas will also be leaving early to start the drive back to north MI. (Her mother is traveling with her, but you can still pray for safety as they travel through the snow storms.)

Me? I just finished my weekly IT report and am now finishing up Helpdesk tickets. Tomorrow I'll finish Christmas shopping, pack, sign newsletters, and maybe even play Cricket!

I'm also really excited about my Frisco church and the GFA Christmas Catalog. Pastor John challenged the church in his weekly to pitch in this weekend and raise the money to buy a house for a family in India who has lost everything in a natural disaster. Launa and Pastor John - you're amazing! Thanks so much for your help in sharing this opportunity with the church. I can't even tell you the extent of the lives that will be changed in Asia because of this!

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