Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last week of S of D

It's the last week of the School of Discipleship year. Jes and Cas graduate on Friday, head home on Saturday, and then start their support raising to come on staff. It's been a busy last two weeks, but the pressure has been off a little bit this week since I'll be staying here at the same address for another three weeks before I have the annual-dorinda-move-a-thon. So...I don't have to have all of my stuff packed this week.

Thanks for all your prayers - PLEASE keep praying for us as we finish this week. All of us are tired. We have evaluations this week, GFA Christmas party, S of D graduation, final house cleaning, final Bible study. Cas is tying up work details so her coordinator can know where the projects are after she leaves. Jes is swamped as her department is sorting and processing all the Christmas Catalog forms.

Pray that our hearts and words and attitudes would reflect Christ's love to each other and the people around us.

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