Sunday, December 21, 2008

Moving, but not.

With the arrival of an ICCM friend into town, the IT guys got my bedroom furniture moved to my new house with the J-Fam. I think we mostly stood around and watched while Greg did all the work. Make yourself too useful, Greg, and we might have to keep you around. We finished up the evening with supper and fellowship at Domain Admin's house. Network Admin and his family came too. (I love mint stick brownies!)

I'm still at the old house for another couple weeks. Jes is returning to GFA to help until mid-January, so we'll stay here at the house together. Right now I'm debating whether to go find clean sheets and make up an empty bed or to curl up in my sleeping bag. I think I'll go find my sleeping bag. Brrr....

1 comment:

rivergreg said...

I did all the work? For the sake of the honor of the other three involved (you, Network Admin, and Domain Admin), I object vociferously. ;)