Monday, October 13, 2008

Surprise Book Review

It was a pleasant surprise to check my Google reader this evening and find a book review on Revolution in World Missions. Jaime had ordered a copy and read it and posted her thoughts. Wow! We share copies of the book with thousands of people, but it was so encouraging to me to see how the Lord could use it to impact one of my friends. Thank you so much for taking time to share that, Jaime, and for spreading the word.

If you've stumbled here from Jaimer's Blog or just want more information, feel free to use these links to get started:


Jenn said...

Yes, I would definitely like to read this book sometime.

Thank you for your prayers for my daughter, Jordan.

Blessings, jenn

Unknown said...

I seriously meant everything I said about that book and more. I cannot thank you enough for letting me know about it! I have gotten at least four others (that I know of) to read it.