Wednesday, October 15, 2008

210 emails?

I felt busy today. I checked my email count at the end of the day and realized I had handled (read, sorted, replied to, touched) around 210 helpdesk emails during the day. With an 8 hour day, that only averages out to 26 or so per hour. That's not a crazy-high amount for helpdesk, but it still classifies as "busy" to me! I made or received about 34 phone calls - probably all but four or five of them were helpdesk related. Between a printer acting up and volunteer logins getting set up and not-so nice database errors, we kept busy!

Someone called with an error that was showing up when they were accessing our main donor database. "MySQL error: Server shutdown in progress" YIKES!

With my Domain Admin on vacation and my Systems Admin out sick the last two days, I'm really looking forward to everyone being back in! Unfortunately, that won't happen for another two weeks...

I was thankful today for the gift of faith - "faith not of yourselves, it is the gift of God." The Lord blessed me with the desire to believe for a specific thing to happen. And even when I couldn't see it happening, the belief and faith was still there. It's amazing how much of a difference faith can make in your outlook.

I believe, God. I believe that you will be glorified in this situation.

"What if [specific thing] looks like it miserably fails? Will you still believe that I will be glorified?"

Yes, God. Even if it looks to me like it a failure, I believe that you will still glorify yourself through this.

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