Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm pretty wiped this evening. Life has been slower, but full of things to work through. Here's a few updates:
  • We attended the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dallas. This wasn't the "official" Dallas parade, but there were supposedly close to 100,000 people attending. Most of the people I talked to were either Wiccan, Goth, or drinking beer. It's perplexing and sad--this day commemorating someone who spent 30 years of his life spreading the Gospel and standing up against the evil of the Druids was mostly celebrated by people through drunk orgy and indecent fantasy. Pray for those people who received tracts or had personal conversations with us. Pray for Rachel and David and Caleb and Cordelia and Shana to know the Lord.
  • Praise! My newsletter is 2/3 done! Hopefully I can get it finished up tomorrow and mailed out before this weekend.
  • I leave for KS and Easter in three days. My two intern girls Cas and Jes will be coming with me.
  • Pray - that I would awake and pray and have time with the Lord in the morning. And for wisdom in preparing for Wed. Bible study.
  • Pray - for those I share with to know my heart and that the enemy would not be able to twist my words.

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