Friday, March 14, 2008

Prayer, praise, and more

Just when I thought things couldn't get crazier, they do. Oh well, more on that later.

  • I was needing to meet with someone today - I've been trying to track her down for three weeks to get a NAS permissions issue figured out. Before I could open my email this morning, the someone stopped by my desk, "just to say hi." That's all? You came all the way to my office just to say "hi"? "Yep, that's it." No hidden agenda? No particular reason? "No, just decided to come say hi." So we spent about 90 minutes and got the permissions issue hashed out. Praise God!
  • I got some things done today! Not my newsletter, but other past-due things. :)
  • Praise God for a fun time of fellowship with the GFA IT staff this evening over potluck!
  • Several staff and the interns (including myself) are heading to the Dallas St. Patrick's Day parade tomorrow morning to share our faith and pass out tracts. Pray that the Lord would lead us to the right people and that He would be working in their hearts both before and after.
  • Pray that I would have inspiration and "do-it" for my newsletter this weekend!
  • Pray that I would have grace and love.
Funniness: I don't usually post links to videos, but this one is an exception. Stop by this nicely written review on scanning pens and watch the first 45 seconds of the video on the left side of the article. Hilarious!

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