Wednesday, March 19, 2008

IT and Kansas

First things first - Cas (one of my interns) had her birthday today! We celebrated with supper out and Bible study over scones and tortes. Happy Birthday, Cas!

I mentioned "staff changes in IT" and our desperate need for staff in a previous post. Here's a quick rundown. Our Desktop Admin was transitioned out of IT two weeks ago to start GFA's Spanish department. Our main Helpdesk and backup person ended up leaving the ministry last week. And this week the news was announced that our Network/System Admin is moving to Canada to help lead our office (not the IT) up there.

Three staff transitioning out in ten days. Praise God for Matt who is stepping in as our Network/System Admin! Matt has been in the GFA office for only 7 months or so, but the Lord has given him a lot of grace to learn the heart of the ministry and the leaders quickly. He's been a real blessing to work with!

Please pray for PE as he moves to Canada to lead the work up there. Pray for the Lord's preparation and grace for him and the Canada staff. Pray that they would unite as one family.

Please pray for Eric, Matt, Josh, and myself as we work together to keep things running. Even just this morning, we had three servers having problems for unknown reasons.

On the YEAH! side, I'm heading for Kansas tomorrow to see my family for the three day weekend. And I'm off to bed now. If you read this tonight, pray I sleep well and can get up and pack in the morning. :)

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