Monday, March 24, 2008

Kansas and Beyond

Another week has started -- another week that you and I get to labor together and intercede for those who have never heard the good news of Christ. Praise God!

He is Risen! Easter weekend brought a trip to Kansas with Cas and Jes. All of my younger siblings were there and the weather was beautiful. We slept, read, played tetherball, had a wiener roast at Grandmother's house, picked the nutmeats out of black walnuts, bought a new chain for my heart necklace, enjoyed cherry limeades at the Irwin-Potter soda fountain, and enjoyed Mother's coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, and fresh baked bread. Yum, yum!

This week has already brought its challenges. My half-day high school help was out of the office today and our new Desktop Admin was out sick. Praise God that one of our Thursday volunteers was in the office when the video mac refused to boot up. The Thurs. volunteer was the only one who knew the magic combination to make it all happy!

This week's lesson to try to remember: I don't have to feel overwhelmed. I take those emotions to the Lord and ask Him for his direction each day. And He shows me. And I can trust Him. I get to be faithful to what He asks me to do. And trust.

....oh! but sometimes it is so hard!

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