Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Praise Reports

My apologies for not updating you on this: the interns returned from their trip a week ago Monday. Last night they got to share a few of their stories at prayer meeting. It was so neat to see how God answered your prayers and impacted their lives during this trip.

Thank you for praying for Melissa. I received an email today saying that she had committed to meet weekly with a young adults Bible study group for the next six weeks. Praise God! I didn't know if we would ever hear from her again. Continue to pray for Melissa (and the group leader) as the Lord lays it on your heart.

I recently received an email from Bro. KP's secretary regarding the Lookout software install we did two weeks ago. She was excited about the hours of time her new software had saved her that week as she worked with projects and correspondence. Praise God for his tools through technology.

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Anonymous said...

She hasn't come yet though. keep praying.