Sunday, March 05, 2006

Reaching the door

Okay, so it wasn't quite next door. As I arrived at church this morning (much earlier than my usual time), I noticed a well-dressed young lady walking along the side of the road. That's not a common sight around here, so I parked and walked back to meet her. After an invite, she joined me for church and during the course of the morning and early afternoon I heard a good deal of her testimony.

Please pray for Melissa. Although she has walked with God at one point in her life, she's living a life of sin, alcohol, and drugs. And she doesn't know how to get out. And she's scared--horribly scared--that God won't take her back after what she's done.

I took the long way home after my long/late lunch and stopped by Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. As I parked, I noticed three guys tossing a frisbee and (as one would expect) I quickly joined them. Within a few minutes, we had started a conversation about what it means to be a Christian and what determines if you get into heaven. After about 20 minutes of healthy discussion, I concluded my frisbee time and left them reading over tracts. You can pray for Aaron, Alex, and Chris.

Trust me. This is not how I usually spend my Sunday afternoon. I did get home just in time to join another GFA family for tostados and fellowship - including reading the story "Summer Lightning" from the Deek Creek collection. Now I just need to go prepare for my week in the office.

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