Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sharing about GFA

We've had a couple opportunities in the last two weeks to share about the ministry with different groups of people. The church three of our interns attend called a special congregational meeting to hear about the intern's recent trip to India. About 20 adults from the church attended and it was a huge praise when 4 Bridge of Hope children and 4 missionaries were sponsored afterwards!!!

Acquire the Fire (huge youth conference) was in Dallas this past weekend, so we were down there helping youth groups get started sponsoring a child. Although we were manning the booth during a slow portion of the day, we were excited to hear about 40 children being sponsored by the end of the conference. YEAH!

The weather was beautiful Saturday afternoon, so four of us took a little time to walk downtown Dallas - visiting the "grassy knoll" where JFK was shot, the historic courthouse, Thanksgiving Square, and other local sites. On our way out of Dallas, we detoured through Deep Ellum - Dallas' punk rock/party district. We wouldn't have dared to go through there in the dark, but it was deserted in the mid-afternoon light.

The day served as a vivid reminder to us of both the lost in Asia and the lost in our own communities.

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