Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Simply making a difference

Twelve minutes of my day was spent installing Lookout -- an Outlook add-on -- for Bro. KP's secretary. It's an indexing program for her Outlook folders and archives. Translated: I put a new program on her computer that will help her as she searches through emails.

Oftentimes in life, it is simple things that make a difference. Lookout will easily save her 10 minutes a day -- almost an hour a week. She'll be able to find information and respond to requests and needs more effectively. Whether its one of our leaders in Asia calling or a request for information from the web department, she'll be able to help them a lot faster.

And you're a part of it. Thanks - for your prayers and support!

Praise for today: Training for Lookout went well.
Prayer for today: One of my interns is recovering from bronchitis and is leaving for two weeks in India on Saturday - please pray for her continued healing and strength!

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