Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Blog Post Postponed

I was going to write a nice, long blog (with pictures - don't worry!) about our trip, but then I got distracted and now it's bedtime.  So here are just a few pics instead.

As we traveled from Seattle back to Colorado, we spent one night at City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho.  The campground was COMPLETELY full.  And yes, we know this because we checked every single one of the 60 some campsites.  After looking at the map of campsites one more time, we realized that we had missed checking #59 and #60.  Stopping back by, we found out that #59 was occupied, but #60 was open!  Hurrah!  We think we found (well, God saved us) one of the best sites in the park.  About 500ft away from the parking area and other campsites, it was rimmed with rocks and quiet (except for the noisy cows in the nearby pasture).

So... a few pics of those rocks...  Lots of fun rocks to climb on... :)
I know! Let's get a picture!
Whoops!  Try 2!

Yay!  We made it!

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I wonder what (or who) could have distracted you? ;-)