Thursday, October 13, 2011

Annual Make Uncle Bob Happy Day

It's here again and I almost missed it!  A day heralded with balloons, poetry, special phone calls, and accolades.  What day is it?  Annual Make Uncle Bob Happy Day, of course!

And what is the history behind this illustrious day?  I'm glad you asked!  Let's explore together!

It all started with a mouse.  A computer mouse, that is.  Bob M. (lovingly referred to as "Uncle Bob" by the younger GFA staff) had been using that simple mouse for years, but was deciding that a mouse with a scroll wheel might be useful.  So he emailed the office HelpDesk.

From: Bob M
Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2004 2:37 PM
To: HelpDesk
Subject: Annual make Uncle Bob happy day!

Did you know that was today? Well, OK.
Anyway, whenever possible, I would like a new mouse for my computer, if I can get one with a wheel instead of a little clicker. That would be great.



There you have it.  It was Annual Make Uncle Bob Happy Day.  Far be it from the HelpDesk or Uncle Bob's faithful department to forget such an important day (even if they didn't know it existed before then).

So that was the start of Annual Make Uncle Bob Happy Day.  The observance of this day was eventually moved to the 2nd Thursday of each October.  And each year, his appreciative staff and friends take this opportunity to tell him how grateful they are for him and, well... make him happy! :)

And yes, Uncle Bob got his mouse. :)

We love you, Uncle Bob!
A few of Uncle Bob's friends...
And in memory of Bonzi the Wonder Dog...

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