Friday, September 23, 2011

Wait - How's That Formatted?

If you've ever mailed a letter overseas, you know that their addresses are not always formatted the same way ours are.  And if you're constantly mailing things to offices, employees, and donors in multiple countries, those mailing differences can get pretty confusing pretty quickly!

It seems when you finally get the format right for Denmark, a package for Chile comes along and you're stuck desperately trying to remember what THEIR preferred address format is.

And then the next question -- How do you get your computer to PRINT the address in the right format?

Enter Greg's new work of art.  A specially designed screen to let the mission organization's mailing department set up each country to use a precise address format.
You can click on the picture to see it better.  But the mailing staff can set up each country's address format to look exactly the way it needs to look.  Hurrah for tools that make things more efficient!  And hurrah for amazing programmer (who just happens to be my husband)! :)

This screen shot is part of the Kardia software -- ministry finance and management software that is being developed by LightSys for mission organizations to use free of charge.

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Mrs. Dan said...

Now that is COOL!