Sunday, February 06, 2011

Supper on the Go: Coil, Nalgene, Tacos

How to make soft tacos without stopping the van:

1. Have all the ingredients ready ahead of time and in an ice chest in the van. If you leave the ingredients at the house, it won't work too well.

2. Find your handy Nalgene bottle.  Make sure it is at least 1/2 full of water.

3. Insert immersion coil into water.  Hold it so it doesn't touch the sides of the Nalgene.  We don't know if it will melt the Nalgene and we haven't decided to find out.

4. Plug immersion coil plug into inverter.

5. Hold the coil in the water until the water is very hot.

6. Unplug the coil.  Wait a moment and remove from water.  Don't burn yourself.

7. Insert plastic bag of cold taco meat into Nalgene.  Try to make sure the plastic bag doesn't have holes in it before you immerse it in the hot water.  Close the lid on the Nalgene to keep things hot.

8. Wrap your tortilla around the Nalgene while the meat is heating up. This makes the tortilla nice and soft.  Unless your tortillas were purchased three months ago and have been riding around in your van.  Then there is no way to make the tortillas pliable.  They will just crumble.  And make a mess for the driver.

9. Remove meat from the Nalgene.  If your plastic bag had a hole, uh-oh.  Now you get to try to drain your water-logged, taco flavored meat as you drive down the road.  Heavy blue shop towels work well for this.  Use 3 or 4.

10. Assemble the taco ingredients.  If it is dark while you are doing all this, try opening up the mirror on the passenger side sun visor.  It often has a little light on it.

11. Eat soft taco!  Clean up mess afterward.  Dustbusters come in handy to get the taco meat and cheese pieces that slip past the paper towel and into the depths of the seat.  If your dustbuster is in the back of the van, you're out of luck.  Just use your fingers and hope you get it all before it gets smeared into your jeans and the van seat.  Food smeared into your pants is not a good thing when you're meeting a host family.

12. Praise God that you didn't have to pay for fast food!  Press on through the snow and reach your destination.

Photos are stock photos since it was too dark to take pictures...

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