Friday, February 04, 2011

Sisters and Snow

Snow and cold!  The entire Central Plains and Midwest got hit by the record cold temperatures and snow.  Mr. Amazing and I were thankful that we weren't following Plan A which had us driving to Indiana this week.  And we scrapped Plan B as well.  We decided that -4 degrees as a high in Colorado Springs was a bit colder than we wanted to be, so postponed that trip.  Instead, we hibernated for a week at "home" in Kansas.

Saturday the 29th. Location: Nature preserve in Plano, TX.  Temperature: 72 deg.  Much rejoicing in wearing short sleeves.
Tuesday the 1st.  Location: On the road outside of Attica, KS.  Temperature: 9 deg.  Much snow drifting (really cool!)
Tuesday. Returning "home" to the trailer.  Much snow drifted against our door!
Wednesday the 2nd. Location: Our yard.  Temperature 19 degrees.  Much snow fun.
 Much sister fun.
Much thanks, sister, for much, much fun!

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Unknown said...

Glad you had a place to stay during this weather. I enjoyed the pictures you posted. Hope you have a good weekend.