Monday, February 07, 2011

The Chronicles of the Amazings

Just thought I'd include a few of our picture adventures from the last couple months.  Enjoy! :)

We were in Atlanta for Christmas.  Mom B. made me my own ornament for the Christmas tree.
My niece gave us a stuffed dog for Christmas to travel with us.  Here is "Lee" visiting some goats at our stop in Tennesse.
Mr. Amazing: Everyone's Favorite Uncle

Hey Rach! See and be jealous!  Okay... be excited!  Lunch with a friend at the original Chick-fil-a.  Too bad the flash hid the signage.  (Did you know they serve hamburgers here?  Shh... don't tell the cows!)
Fixing an almost-dead laptop at the Cedarville University Missions Week.  Ornery laptop!
I really need to capture more cool pictures from our stops along the way.  But here's our picnic lunch at Arbor Hills in Texas.  Yay for Sonic!
Life on the road is fun.  But it is also hard.  But capturing the fun moments in between and remembering WHY we do what is do is what keeps us going.  Praise God!

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