Thursday, February 03, 2011

Photos: Two Years Later

Two years ago.  The Saturday after LeTourneau University's Missions Emphasis Week.  Greg and I and my family went to Arbor Hills. Greg had just gotten my dad's permission to court me and we were all nervous and excited and just getting to know each other.  We snapped a group picture at the observation tower.

That was a nice picture. (Love you Mother, Daddy, and L!)  But the pictures soon got cropped to this:

Fast forward one engagement, one wedding, twenty-four months, and two LeTourneau University Missions Weeks.  This year.  The Saturday after LETU's Missions Emphasis Week.  Greg and I found ourselves back at Arbor Hills.  So of course we had to stop by and the observation tower and take a picture. :)
Same observation tower, same two people, two years later.  Wow - God has taught us so much and brought us through so much already!  I can hardly wait to see what the coming years will bring.  Happy (belated) Anniversary, Mr. Amazing!  Thanks for pursuing me and teaching me about God's relentless love for us.  You have no idea how much I admire you for that.  Thank you.

Okay... mushiness over.  Regular posts resume soon. :)


banderclip said...

but i love the mushiness! :) wish i could have seen ya'll when you were here! thanks for keeping us updated with your bloggy. :)

Braley Mama said...

awww!!! I am so sorry i missed meeting you IRL :O)
You 2 are so cute!

D said...

Ms. Mama,
We were in town for a short 36 hours, so we didn't get to see many people at all. Just ran through the office Monday morning for about 40 minutes... we'll be back through sometime and hopefully get to see you then!!! Happy snow surviving!!!