Wednesday, January 26, 2011

God's Faithfulness

It's been way too long since I posted.  We've hit the road and been to Tennessee, Ohio, back to Atlanta, and now we're in Longview, TX at the LeTourneau University Missions Emphasis Week.  Greg got to share in a class this morning and had some interest in internships from students afterwards.  Praise God!  That's what we've been praying for -- three interns to work with us this summer.

It's been a stretching day for me in a variety of ways.  But this evening ended well.  God gave me the strength to share with two dorm wings this evening at their joint devotion session.  I had been reading Stephen's speech to the Pharisees in the book of Acts (right before his stoning) and was caught by the similarities in the patriarchs.  Abraham, Moses, Joseph... they all had ideas/dreams/visions of what they wanted to do or what God was going to do through them.  Yet for each of them, it sure didn't happen very quickly.  They went through many things that might have made them doubt the promises and faithfulness of God.

We challenged the students to hold their own dreams loosely before the Lord and seek Him first instead of just pursuing their dream on their own. (Ex: Moses - trying to free the Israelites by his own strength and words and power.  But God had a different plan.)  But we also challenged them to hold TIGHT to those things that God has promised or asked them to believe in, even when the path looks different than they expect. (Ex: Joseph serving God whole-heartedly as a slave or in prison when the dreams God had given him said that people would be bowing down to him.)

We stayed for an hour and a half after the meeting -- sharing with the students and praying with them.  Praise God for his strength and work in our lives!

What dreams do you have in your life?

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