Saturday, January 01, 2011

God-sized Dreams

I was poking through my Google Reader this evening and came across this quote on a blog I follow:

God-sized dreams give glory to Him, not us. God is up to something big when he plants his dreams in our hearts, and it’s so much bigger than us. If we were able to achieve our calling in our own strength, we would readily take and receive the glory.

But when we stand at the base of an impossible mountain, shaking in our boots, knowing full well our legs could never carry us to the summit, we are forced to rely on God and praise him for every step he enables us to take along the way.

Hmm... good stuff. :)  A reminder that God-sized dreams are not always comfortable and not always logistically obtainable.  We have to keep depending on Him -- and that can be a really hard place to be in.

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Unknown said...

Just read this. Timely for me. I am quaking. Looks impossible in a number of ways.