Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good Busy Week

It's been a good, busy week here in Colorado Springs.  We've been meeting lots of people and working on lots of LightSys projects and we've got a wonderful host family!  Thursday evening we had supper with a friend who I had prayed with over the phone, but had never met.  Friday evening we stopped by The Mill - the twenty-somethings ministry of New Life Church.  We got to share a little bit about LightSys with their leadership team and then join them for prayer before the services started.  They blew us away with their friendliness and genuineness.

Praise - after the prayer time with the leadership team, a girl came over to us all excited.

"I never thought about missions using computers!  I'm a software developer at [major server company] and I've always wanted to be able to help missions with my IT skills, but no one could ever tell me how.  This is so exciting!"

I love seeing the lights come on in people's eyes!

Saturday, we took time to go for a quick backpacking hike.  We're getting ready for a big backpacking trip in the future, so thought we'd use the mountains and elevation to help get ourselves in shape.  Somehow, our area of KS just doesn't work as well for elevation training...  Then lunch with friends and back to the host home to rest.

We went to New Life Church with our host family this morning, enjoyed lunch with them and then swung back to the house to make dump cake before joining new friends at a local house church this evening!  It's been a FULL day!

And this week is going to be a FULL week.  We're preparing for upcoming LightSys meetings, meeting new people, and getting all our regular work done too!  Pray for focus, wisdom, and strength!!!

And to finish with a picture: here's a photo of us resting along our hike on Saturday.  It's good to get away and be quiet sometimes. :)

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MrPete said...

God is awesome! And Beeleys too :)