Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A New Carrier for my Christmas Gift?

Dear Mother and Daddy,
Thanks so much for the Christmas gift you gave me three years ago.  Although I always hope I don't have to use it, it has been useful once again.

Greg and I visited New Life Church here in Colorado Springs on Sunday.  We chatted with people at the Guest Information Center afterward and then headed back out to the van.  As we walked through the parking lot, we heard someone calling to their friend, "Hey!  Do you have jumper cables?"

"Sorry, but no!" the answer came back.

Your Christmas gift of extra long, extra high-quality jumper cables (purchased at Anthony Famers Co-op) came to mind and we spoke up.  "Umm... we have jumper cables if you need them..."

Next thing we knew, Greg had the van pulled up next to the sports car and we were digging through our packed van hatch to find the jumper cables.  We got the car hooked up and started and then stopped to chat with the people who were riding in the vehicle.  They looked vaguely familiar.  "Hey, aren't you guys up on stage?" we asked.  Yep, it was members of the worship team!

"So how long have you guys been coming to New Life?" they asked.

It was fun seeing the looks on their faces when we told them this was basically our first time. :)

Upon chatting further with them, we found out one of the guys was from Wichita and had cousins that went to Sterling.  After I got back to my computer, I found out that same guy had worked at Perfect Peace with one of my homeschool friends.  Small world!  And lots of fun!

However, when I was getting the jumper cables out of their store-bought bag, the zipper broke.  So, Mother, maybe you could cut up one of your denim tablecloths and make me a new bag for my Christmas gift?  Like Daddy's jumper cable bag! :)

With love,
Your wonderful daughter!

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