Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here we go again!

It's almost routine.  I walked into the bedroom with my stuff, dropped the Double Bubble duffel bag and its contents in the corner, stacked my backpack next to it, and then set my suitcase up against the wall so I could open it whenever I needed to.  And it felt so normal.  Yep, if you haven't figured it out, we're on the road again!

We'd been praying about where/when our next trip would be and when God opened up to the doors for us to spend some time with a partner ministry in Colorado, we stepped into the opportunity!  Today was a travel day from KS to CO, but we also got to have supper with a college friend of mine, Patty, in Pueblo, CO.  I hadn't seen her since '99 maybe, so it was great to see her again and reminisce over common professors, crazy forensics meets, amazing friends, and laughable memories.

There are a few "oops, I need to get used to that again" things.

1) Time zone!  Greg adjusted the clock in the van as we trekked today, but neither of us changed our watches.  That came back to bite us as we were visiting with Patty over supper.  I glanced at my watch and saw it that was 7:30 - a full half hour after our target leaving time!  How did it get so late so quickly?!?  So we quickly wrapped up the conversation, gave each other farewell hugs, and headed out to our cars.  We watched Patty drive off and then happened to glance at the clock in the car as we pulled away.  WHAT???  It's only 6:30???  You're kidding!

2) Quiet time habits!  Usually about this time of night in KS, I brush my teeth and curl up in my blue recliner with my Bible, my Operation World, and my YWAM prayer diary.  Now without my blue chair and without my regular household chore routines, I get to make sure I set up new routines so I don't stop spending time with the Lord.  I just about forgot this evening.

Guess I'd better pull out my books and get busy before my eyes fail me. :)

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