Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Every Minute Counts!

"Do you have to be so intense?"

A friend of mine who works in missions was asked this question recently.  His reply: "A soul is perishing every second. Yes - we have to make every minute count!"

I had to ask myself how I'm supposed to make every minute count -- especially on those days when I'm not directly doing missions-support work.  What about cleaning the house and errands days?  Does the speed of which I do the dishes really affect eternity?   As I contemplated, a few thoughts wandered through... Haven't you been saying you don't have enough time to spend in prayer for missionaries and the mission field? That you would like to spend more time in prayer for the unreached? Using your time wisely gives you a few more minutes in the evening if you'll take advantage of them.

So I keep thinking about that.  How many minutes do I spend doing other things?  How can I use my time I do have to pray?  (I've hung a world map in my bathroom and started praying systematically for countries.  Then I look up that evening's country in my Operation World book.)  And sometimes I'm more successful than others at using my time wisely and praying.

What are some ways that you have found to pray during the day or to make your time count for eternity?


MDLueck said...

hhhmmm... Ties in well with I will call it an "orange puzzle piece" which stuck out like a sour thumb in this past week's Sunday school lesson.

I asked the teacher, today in fact, to elaborate on that part... if it had been intended to be in the lesson, or was a sudden addition. Their reply: "It's planned. The connection is 'we have moved to discussing the character of our lives as an important facet of our witness. If our lives do not reflect the proper character, then it may be a stumbling block for others toward the gospel.' That's Paul's point in 2 Cor 6."

So I shall send them a link to your blog post.

"Two blips on the radar... God, please allow me to see / understand / participate in what you are about to do."

Come to think of it, sort of like we just listened to in Prince Caspian... where Lucy could see Aslan however the others could not at first, and she was commended for seeking Aslan. hhhmm....

MDLueck said...

P.S. The "A soul is perishing every second." bit reminds me yet again of your sharing of "people falling into a pit" at ICCM long long ago... :-)