Monday, October 04, 2010

Blogging from a Tent

Is this allowed?  I guess it is, 'cause I'm doing it.  I'm in my tent.  Sitting on my sleeping bag.  And I'm blogging.  I'm going to crawl in my sleeping bag soon because it is cold out here.  Too bad I didn't pack my flannel pajamas.  But they take up more space in my backpack.  And they weigh more.  But they don't weigh anything close to the amount that trail mix weighs.  That stuff is heavy!  And yummy.  Do you know how much of that stuff I'm going to be toting around when we hike the Grand Canyon next month?  Lots. We eat it like crazy.  I pack jerky links and things, but do we eat them?  No.  We're addicted to GORP.  I think it's the M&M's. :)

We hiked out to the lake this evening with our backpacks and got here just in time for LightSys prayer meeting online.  So we pulled out our computers and our mobile internet and hooked up to prayer meeting. :)  Then we ate supper and set up the tent and now we're cozily inside and working and blogging.  Tomorrow morning, we'll get up and have oatmeal and get some more work done. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty too - although a bit warmer.

I like my small town.  And my backpack. And my husband.
What do you like?


Jennifer said...

I like my bed. And I like not having this baby practice kick-boxing on my bladder (but that doesn't happen often). I also like fall weather. :)

D said...

And I like that your husband is back home with you now and that your baby is coming soon!!!! But I don't like that I missed seeing you while we were in Sterling! =( I'll have to be a little more deliberate next time we're in town!