Monday, August 23, 2010

Yay for married life!

We're in Carrollton, TX on this leg of the trip and looking forward to being "home" in Kansas by the middle of the week.  During our short time here in Carrollton, we've been seeing friends from GFA, visiting the dentist, meeting with some potential LightSys volunteers, checking out a partner ministry, and having fun with tooth extractions.  Okay, just one extraction.  I broke a back molar at ICCM conference this year and it ended up needing to be removed.  So the oral surgeon did that this morning (insert story of God's faithfulness shown here through timing and dentist giving us a huge discount!) and then I've been laying on the couch with my ice pack ever since.  And Mr. Amazing has been so wonderfully caring for me!  I enjoy married life, but with Mr. Amazing loving on me so faithfully while I'm not feeling well, I'm enthralled and simply adoring married life. :)

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