Thursday, August 19, 2010

A bit strange...

Imagine this: It's late in the evening.  You are alone your house.  (Or if you're married, you and your husband are along in the house.  Or if you have kids, then your kids are there too.)  But that's all.  There's no one else there.  You can walk around in your PJs and no one cares.  It's quiet.  And safe feeling.

And normal.  At least, I think it's normal for most people to have a house with just their family unit.  (Okay, so some of my single friends have roommates. And sometimes people have other family members that live with them.  So maybe this is a bad assumption.  But just try...)

Well anyway, that's how life is for Greg and I tonight.  A house.  Just the two of us.  And it's quiet.  And it feel REALLY strange!  We're house sitting for friends for 6 days while they are gone to visit family.  We arrived this afternoon, they showed us around, and then we took them to the airport.  And this evening, we cooked spaghetti and sat in easy chairs and watched Facing the Giants.  It was nice.  And strange.

Why does it feel strange?  With life on the road, this is the first time in two months that we've had a house to ourselves.  It seems like there should be a host family around.  Someone to ask before we hog their DVD player for the evening.  Someone to work around in the kitchen.  Someone we need to be quiet for as we head to bed.  Someone we need to look presentable for before we walk out of our bedroom in the morning.

But there's not.  It's just us. :)  Don't get me wrong - we love our families and host families that have so graciously and sacrificially opened up their homes to us over the last 9 months!  You guys are amazing and we don't take you for granted!

But sometimes it's nice to have a relaxing evening with just Mr. Amazing. :)

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