Saturday, March 06, 2010

Error Message (Loosely Translated)

This past week was interesting and fun as LightSys deployed a new software module for the Kardia program.  I was talking to one of the office staff about a bug she had come across and got her fun translation of an error message:

I was trying to save and I got that error message.  You know, the one you get when you're trying to do something and it says "This is an error and you're not going to get away with it"?


thetysonfamily said...

Oh my goodness! So happy to find you on blogworld. :) I think of you a lot and am so happy to see you so happily married. :) !!! ~Lindsay

Amy Doane said...

That error message made my day! It made me chuckle so much that I made it my gtalk status for the day. Perfect for the imperfect office environment.

D said...

Glad I could provide laughter for your day, Amy! Thanks for letting me know. :) I didn't even know you stopped by my blog.