Friday, March 12, 2010

Boric Acid Bar

Just think about your favorite snack at a party... hmm, how do you decide? There's the dessert bar and the cheese bar and the chocolate fountain (if you're at Tony and Teressa's) and the chips and salsa bar... Wow - we're getting quite the diverse snacks at this party. But that's okay, Greg and I decided to keep the fare a little simpler for our univited guests, T.S. Ants and family.

While we went back and forth on what to serve, we finally decided on a simple boric acid snack bar. We took a little bit of the delicacy and mixed it with some oh-so-processed sugar and the best of our faucet water and turned it into a bit of a syrup and carefully arranged it for our fiends.

The photos didn't turn out too well due to poor lighting in the pantry, but then again, I haven't come across a whole lot of upscale specialty restaurants such as ours that did have bright lighting. But Greg and I think the party is a success so far! T.S. Ants has been inviting all their friends and they're even crawling on top of each other just to get to the good stuff!

Perhaps T.S. Ants is saying to his friends what I often say to mine when there's a new dessert to try. I think I'd better taste that first, make sure it's good to eat. I mean, I wouldn't want anything to happen to you. bite...chew...swallow Yep, I'm still alive. No harm done. Here - want a piece?


stitchesntea said...

Did you use the stuff I gave you? or did you find boric acid someother place?

D said...

We used the stuff you gave us. :) Hopefully it still works!