Saturday, March 06, 2010

Friday Date - Best Ever!

The first Friday we were in Seattle, Greg and I ended up having a random, unplanned date night - and it was one of my most favorite ever!

It started with a brief walk in a local park at sunset. It was a gorgeous evening and the overlook was beautiful with the pine trees and other Seattle green-ness.

Next stop: the YWAM bookstore where we picked up (long looked-for) prayer diaries and then browsed through missionary biographies and other great books until they finally closed the door on us.

Then, off to supper at a Mexican place (that served really yummy fajitas) where we conversed about life, life, and everything in between. :)

And the final destination: A new and used bookstore called Third Place Books to look for a book we were wanting. We didn't find the book, but happily browsed through the selections. (Wouldn't you know it, all the books I liked were the new books, not the used books!) While browsing, we heard live music and wandered toward the commons area to appreciate the band that was playing. We ended up finding our amusement in watching this seven year old boy play chess with his grandfather (photo above). The chess pieces were almost half as tall as the youngster!

Anyway, a walk in the park, book browsing, delicious food, live music, a good chess game, and wonderful company - how much more perfect can you get? It was almost enough to make this Kansas girl fall in love with Seattle. :)
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