Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coffee shop laughter

I'm sitting at my small town coffeehouse, sipping on a drink and using their internet to connect up with Action Int'l Ministries gift entry department. I'm so glad we have tools like Skype and Bomgar that allow me to see their computer screens and work with them remotely.

Coffee shops are great places for people watching. :) Or kid-tickling, in this case. There's a 4 year old boy who came over to investigate my couch area. He has new boots. And his name is Wade. And his daddy is talking. So he informs me.

A 10 year old boy wanders into our area and 4 year old Wade attempts to tickle him.

10 year old: Stop it! I'm not playing with you! I don't even know you!

Wade: I'm Wade!

10 year old: So? I still don't know you. Go away!

Poor Wade.  What would we do without 4 year olds to make us chuckle?!?

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