Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My new roommate had a birthday this past week and I volunteered to make the cake for the party. Roomie picked up the cake mix and frosting she wanted and I started in to create the cake. That's when I remembered that my cake decorating supplies were in Kansas. So was my 9x13" pan. So... I borrowed a 9x13 pan from my cousins and baked the cake. We used a 10x15" jelly roll pan as the "cake plate" when I flipped it out of the pan. A kitchen knife managed the icing job. And as much as Roomie said she didn't need a decorated cake, I still wanted to do something nice to it.

Enter: a "Happy Birthday" paper printout, a pasta strainer, and a bag of powdered sugar. I removed the letters of "Happy Birthday" from the sheet of paper, leaving the outside of the letters and paper intact. Then Roomie held the homemade "stencil" over the cake while I tapped powdered sugar through the pasta strainer (The sifter is in Kansas too...) onto the stencil.

Add a few candles and voila la! A birthday cake! I thought it turned out well, all things considered. And Roomie said she liked it too. Happy (belated now) Birthday, Roomie!

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Unknown said...

Lovely cake Dorinda. Hope that things are going well for you. LT