Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tomorrow's To-Do List

Tonight's songs at prayer meeting were all about God's faithfulness. I needed that. I think tomorrow's going to be busy. I was busy during the ice storm catching up on sleep. Perhaps I should have been working on some of this instead...
  • Prep songs for morning worship
  • Final check of new student logins and permissions
  • Complete Thursday Morning IT Training documentation
  • Prep tickets for two new volunteers starting next week
  • Find key arriving in mail for potential housing rental for Gen and me
  • Having found key, call landlord and see if then is a good time to visit the rental
  • Visit the rental.
  • Make a decision on the rental
  • Do initial login and training for new students (1:00 pm)
  • Arrange for moving truck
  • Move furniture from old house garage into new house garage (can be done Friday AM if need be)
  • Turn off utilities at old house
  • Chiropractor appointment
  • Parents and L. arrive for visit.
  • Oh... and regular helpdesk responsibilities.
It's promising to be a crazy day. I'm off to bed to get ready for it. You can pray for me. And pray for the housing/rental decisions. God has opened so many doors for this that I'm looking forward to what He does tomorrow. :)

And, in return... how can I be praying for you? If you don't want to post it in the comment, my email address is on my blog. Or just email me. Or send me a facebook message. I'll gladly add you to my prayer list. (Jaime, you and Andrew were on my list today...)

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Thanks, Dorinda!