Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm Comfort

The promised ice storm which shut the office down yesterday finally came through last night about 8:00 or so. By 11pm, the sidewalks and ground were white with sleet and the roads were getting messy. The sidewalks got slick about 7pm. I know. L., you weren't the only one to have a "touchdown" yesterday!

The office is closed until noon today as the streets are frozen over. Prayer meeting has been moved from last night to tonight. It's cold outside (umm... except compared to Anthony where it's 7 degrees and my dad is delivering miles of city mail on foot today).

So... I'm going to go check out the update on bicycles for missionaries and then head back to my papasan to cuddle with a good book and my grandmother's quilt. Yay for flannels PJs and warm houses!

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