Thursday, January 22, 2009

DECISIONS, decisions

Since my post a couple weeks ago about Decisions, I’ve been learning a lot more about “yes,” “no,” and “wait.” It’s interesting because amid all the decisions, there are two that tend to stand out. They’re very different in type and magnitude. But… it seems like the Lord keeps teaching me things through the smaller decisions that help me trust God in the bigger decision. He’s really amazing like that. I’m still connecting the dots (and God is still putting the dots in their places) so I don’t quite have my head around it. But I am befuddled and grateful for pattern He’s giving.

Housing after my time with the J-Fam, HelpDesk responsibilities, new students and interns arriving (but not living with me!), other stuff… I’ll fill you in more as the Lord fills me in, but in the meantime, your prayers are greatly appreciated!

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