Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Directed Steps

About two weeks ago, I put on my Outlook calendar for Wednesday the 21st, Invite C-Family to Supper???. My schedule was busy and I never got around to inviting them or working out the details of how it would happen. So Tuesday morning, I deleted the appointment. Tuesday evening, Mrs. C approached me at prayer and asked how I was. Short conversation later, I had invited her and the family to help me clean my rental house and have supper with me on Wednesday.

So...Mrs. C helped me finish packing up the kitchen and then we had supper - praise God for the crockpot and rice cooker. We didn't have time to mint-stick the brownies, but we did have ice cream on the WARM brownies. YUM, YUM! (Yes, Gen, there are leftovers and yes, you can eat them!)

I could tell that Mrs. C and the girls were tired, but they still came back to the house and helped me clean for another hour. Now the dusting is done, the master bathroom is done, the secondary bathroom is done, the boxes are all taped and labeled and in the garage, my car is loaded for the next trip to Johnsons, and my spirits are lifted.

Mrs. C had been reading Proverbs recently and shared with me from Prov 20:24 the promise that our steps are directed by the Lord. We really felt that tonight was a living example.

I don't think I've ever had a better time scrubbing a tub than I did tonight as Mrs. C was exulting over the things the Lord was showing her through the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

I praise God for you guys!

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Anonymous said...

I just read this. Thank you! It's encouraging to read. Ellie