Thursday, January 22, 2009

The big sister I never had

(No, this isn't referring to you, C.)

Have I mentioned how gracious Network Admin and his wife and two girls are? They've been a blessing to me ever since they arrived at the ministry in early summer '08. And they still love me--even though I slept through their moving party last weekend.

I must admit, I've been giving Network Admin a hard time the last couple days. Why? Probably because he's available. :) Yesterday, he made a change that (oops!) disconnected my network connection in the middle of a database permissions adjustment. So I gave him the "if looks could kill" look as he emerged from the data center. Today I was putting lunch on my "tab" at the Cafe when he reached for his tab card. I grabbed the file box and pulled it towards me possessively.

Network Admin gave a hearty laugh and exclaimed, "You're like the big sister I never had!"

Big sister? That's nice, but I'm not that old, Mr. Network Admin-Who-is-15-Years-Older-than-Me.

(I'm glad you can give me a hard time too.)

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