Saturday, December 06, 2008

Busy Saturday

We finished up prayer meeting last night/this morning and went to bed about 4:30. Got a good four hours of sleep before the exterminator came to spray the house for bugs. We didn't do the bedrooms. Packed a few boxes, cleaned stuff out of the chill room closet, mailed a long overdue package to Me and another one to Sheri. I ran errands and stopped by the office where System Admin and Phone Vendor were duking it out with the phone server. When I left, the phone server was winning, but Phone Vendor was making a comeback. Kind of like Missouri and OU. or not. Phone Vendor beat the phone server. Despite an entire quarter left to go, Missouri is not going to beat OU. Sadly.

I went to church tonight. I don't go to Saturday evening service very often, so my body clock was a little mixed up. Hope Fellowship passed out the Christmas Catalogs last week while I was in KS, so everyone was talking about them this week. Quote one lady, "We always do a gift exchange with our life group, but we decided that the group isn't going to do that this year. We're going to get something from the Gift Catalog instead."

Then I stopped by Target. Except I didn't make it there. Linens 'n' Things was going out of business. So I helped them get rid of their stock. Too bad their nice saucepans were still $50, even on 40% off!

It's my brother's 20th birthday today. I called him. He sent me to voicemail. Happy Birthday anyway, little bro!

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