Sunday, October 19, 2008


Jes and I just finished a delightful game of Scrabble over at a friend's home. She beat us soundly, but it was still fun and we even used some good words: axle, zeal, midges, sludge, bogey, wafer, savor, batches... I ended up with the "z" (zeal), "q" (queen), "w" (wit), and "p" (pout). With church this morning and a nap this afternoon and supper and Scrabble with a friend, it was a good day. I've got a few things to do for work in the morning, but I'll try to go to bed tonight before I catch my second wind. Thanks for your prayers!

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ginabnina said...

Jimmy and I played Scrabble a few days ago -- without a mediator!! (We hadn't played Scrabble in a very long time because we're both too competative with Scrabble and things never end well.) Anyway, it was fun and amazingly peaceful!

Glad you had fun, even if you're t-i-r-e-d!!