Friday, October 17, 2008

Still stretching...

It's been a stretching week for me. Really stretching. Your prayers are always valued.
Small joys/funs of the week:
  • Strangely craving banana bread after Thursday's staff meeting and KT delivering an entire loaf to our department!!!
  • Gifts of 6 different bars/pieces of chocolate to my desk this week!!!
  • Finding Jaime's review of Revolution in World Missions!
  • Leftovers available in the Cafe when I took late lunches this week.
  • Watching "For the Birds" with Auntie Candy this evening. Squawk!
  • Helping Brother K.P. fit his new bluetooth headset.
  • Receiving an unexpected financial gift from a college professor.
  • Unplanned supper with a friend tonight
  • Domain Admin was back today and was perky!
  • Going to bed.................

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good things do happen even when we're busy :). Hope you have a great weekend. LT