Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stop and take time

I talked to my brother-in-law briefly this evening. He was hoping my day had been less busy than the previous two posts. Comparatively, the emails were fewer. I think I only handled about 54 today. But then again, I was only at my desk for about 3 hours in between troubleshooting and working on a special project.

System Admin was back in the office today, but leaves for 10 days starting tomorrow. Domain Admin starts back in the office tomorrow (yay!) but then Network Admin leaves for a week on Sunday. I'm thinking I'll ban any more vacation days for anyone!

With Blackberry setup questions and new cell phone setups taking place and needing clarified this evening, I stopped by my laptop to send out an email or two.

But now - now I get to set aside my rushed day and sit and learn from the Lord. All the intern girls and IDT are getting together and Rach - one of my best friends here - is sharing with us this evening what the Lord has done in her life! I'm so thankful and so blessed!

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