Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"It was the Lord"

There are days when that's all you can say: "It was the Lord, not me." Here's a few recent examples...
  • Peace the last several days. Thank you guys for praying! I know that many of you have been reading between the lines (or in the lines) and seen how stretched and overwhelmed I've been. This week has been so much better!
  • Striving Lessons from last week. The topic of "the servant of the Lord must not strive" came up in Bible study last week (2 Tim 2), but then it came up again as I was reading chapter 9 of Touching Godliness Through Submission. What timing of the Lord to plan both of those things for the same week!
  • Questions for Bible study this week. I was clueless on how to guide discussion for this chapter until we were praying in DT meeting. Then suddenly the questions were there in my head. Whoa - thought I - I didn't even realize that there were three groups of people described in 2 Timothy 3!
  • Divine appointment at the post office. Jes and I went to the post office to get my mail this evening. Another lady arrived about the same time to get her mail. She had huge bags under her eyes and was dressed sloppily. My heart was touched and I asked how we could pray for her. She was blown away. She kept muttering, crying, and saying, "Did you plan this? Is this real? Am I dreaming? Who sent you?" Shaken, she left out the door without giving us more than a generic answer of "Of course, I need prayer. Everyone needs prayer." But it was completely evident that God had orchestrated that meeting. You can pray for "Chrissy."

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