Thursday, October 30, 2008

Visit to LeTourneau U.

I was so excited today to get to represent GFA at LeTourneau University's career fair. Three of us GFA staff left Carrollton at 5am and drove the 2.5 hours to Longview, TX where we set up our display and ate an amazing continental breakfast. It was a blessed day - the Lord brought so many young people by the table who had a heart for the Lord and a desire to serve. Pray that the Lord would lead us to the right people to come as summer 2009 interns - web people and IT people especially.

We had five awesome LeTourneau interns at GFA this past summer. They had been busy spreading the word - thanks, guys! I'm excited to see how many of the LeTourneau students might make it to all-night prayer meeting next Friday! (Come on... you know you want to come...)

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rubyslipperlady said...

I'm glad you had a great visit. I met the Dir. of Alumni from LeTourneau ages ago it seems. I remember really liking something they did, maybe their alumni directory. Who knows.

Glad it was a good visit.