Friday, September 26, 2008

Thankful Friday

Well, thanks to Jaime for passing on the reminder to be thankful! I'm quite tempted to turn my list of thanksgiving into a complaining list: my Thur/Fri heldpesk staff got transferred to the Canadian office (doesn't that sound official, Jess?), I almost got hit by a car while biking home from work today, and my desktop admin is on vacation Mon/Tues.

But...I'll look at things from the thankful side!
  • Praise God that I've had Jess to help me with helpdesk for the last six months and praise God for the last 5 years of her work on purchse orders!
  • Praise God that Lena is trained to take over her work and I don't have to make time to do it!
  • Praise God that my coworkers get time off to be with their families!
  • Praise God that we have beautiful weather the last two weeks for biking and mowing the lawn!
and not last and not least...
  • Praise God for Oreos and milk!

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