Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Okay, okay! I'm updating my blog.

I left prayer meeting this evening and dropped off a couple friends at their home before randomly stopping at my favorite coffee shop. I stop there about every 2-3 months, so not real frequently. I ordered a cup of chai and curled up with a copy of Touching Godliness Through Submission. I wished I had my laptop so I could blog. It was that kind of feel-good, relaxed, thankful evening. I think I felt more like "myself" today than I have in a long time.

A 20-something girl stopped in to order a drink and I couldn't get her out of my mind. She sat down outside with a male friend, so I stopped to talk to them on my way out. We started talking about spiritual beliefs and in the next hour, Sara and Brandon and myself transitioned from strangers to friends. They are seeking spiritual truth and know much about the Bible and even more about other religions. I think both (or at least Brandon) were raised in church, but they aren't following the Lord right now. Please pray for them.

Other random prayer and praise:
  • Jes and Cas are in India right now. They left for India on the 13th and return this Saturday. Pray for grace as they arrive back and re-adjust to the internship stateside.
  • Both Jes and Cas are praying about the Lord's will for them after internship graduation in December. You can pray for them about this too. Hey, you can pray for me about this too.
  • Persecution is sky-high in different parts of India. And it's not just a random case here or there - it's highly organized and damaging. Here's an (incomplete) itemized list of damage in Orissa, India. Churches burned and bombed, dozens killed, thousands forced from homes into jungles and refugee camps, nuns raped, orphanages destroyed... The mainstream media has overlooked this is now reporting that things are calming down, but it continues. Here's today's report from Mission Network News. Persecution in pictures.
  • The planned evangelism outreach didn't happen due to Hurricane Ike moving in, so we volunteered at Mission Arlington as they were helping house Hurricane Ike evaccuees. You can see our shining faces here. :)
  • Post too long. Bedtime too late. Ending now.
  • After humorous link of the day. Etiquette rules for traveling by stagecoach.

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